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"Mr. Chowder is incapable of writing a bad sentence." – The New Yorker

New Projects

New Projects

  1. The 38th Parallel, a two-hour film about the Korean War, executive produced by Jeff Bieber, produced by John Maggio, for WETA (Washington, DC, PBS station).  The project received a production grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in 2016 — Chowder wrote the grant and the accompanying script.

2. An American Story: Norman Mineta and his Legacy, a one-hour film about the San-Jose-born Mineta, who was incarcerated in the Heart Mountain camp as a boy during World War II, but emerged to become the first Japanese-American congressman in the lower 48, then championed the law that offered redress to concentration-camp survivors.  Produced by Dianne Fukami and Debra Nakatomi.

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3. The Notorious RBG, a one-hour film about Ruth Bader Ginsberg: how she was changed by, and how she changed, a half-century of American feminism.  Produced by Academy-Award winner Freida Mock.

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4.  The Tightrope: Black Diplomats and Cold War America, a one-hour film about early African American Ambassadors fighting for and against a racist United States (1948-1964).  Scripting funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Produced by Flowstate Films.

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5. A Good Guy with a Gun, a one-hour film about the arming of teachers in American public schools, produced by Julie Akeret and Kate Way for Akeret Films


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