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"Mr. Chowder is incapable of writing a bad sentence." – The New Yorker

The Latino Americans

The Latino Americans

Great Reviews for The Latino Americans, a six-hour PBS series — 200 years of Latino history in the U.S.

Chowder was the Consulting Producer for the series, which in this case meant that he developed and structured the series, found almost of the historical characters, and wrote scripts for five of the six hours.

[Below: General Francisco ‘Pancho’ Villa during the Mexican Revolution, 1914. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division]

The New York Times:  an important and enlightening three-part, six hour PBS series…. “Latino Americans” is the kind of polished, intelligent documentary series that PBS does so well.

The Los Angeles Times: ‘Latino Americans’ is a stirring history lesson… a fascinating take on a diverse population.

The New York Daily News:  The most ambitious TV production yet on the diverse group of people known in shorthand as Latinos also makes it clear that virtually every triumph was paid for in sweat, toil, tears and, too often, blood… This series is a combination of history lesson, documentary and sobering reminder of the often shameful way the United States was built.


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